阿尔萨斯 (Alsace) 酒厂 Scherwiller
Ready to escape? Welcome to Achillée

This domain in biodynamics presents the whole of the Alsatian grape varieties, but also a great variety of soil, put forward through dry rieslings, right and revealing terroirs.

Driven by Dietrich family, defender of organic farming for several decades, you will find a very atypical setting to share a beautiful experience. The building, in straw, is passive. Everything is thought of to create a symbiosis respectful of nature, humans and wines. The Dietrich family, but also all the people who love it, applies the knowledge that it has inherited, combined with all the ideas that it has received by traveling around the world.

Achillée is above all a journey for you in an idyllic setting. Imagine you, wine lovers or not drinkers, comfortably seated, with a view of the vineyards, the mountains, the castles, while enjoying passionate explanations, cheese platter, juice, coffee and other regional products .




Achillée, Rue de Dambach, Scherwiller, France 法国


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Jonathon W. 标记gb 19 天前

Beautiful winery, beautiful building and lovley, helpful people. But their products are mostly unfiltered "natural" wines, which whilst certainly interesting don't taste very good.

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Ruggero Z. 标记gb 22 天前
酒窖参观和品尝 (作为一对夫妇)

Visit was ok. We joined another small group (total we were 5 people). The tasting experience included 5 types and was good level, even if glasses were not served with anything. The guide was kind but the tour was quite fast. Very good for the price.

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Thomas J. 标记fr 5 个月前
酒窖参观和品尝 (作为一对夫妇)

Très bon accueil, la dame était bien sympathique et ses explications étaient de bonne qualité. Très bon rapport qualité-prix.

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Christelle B. 标记fr 10 个月前
酒窖参观和品尝 (作为一对夫妇)

Beau domaine avec un accueil très chaleureux. Degustation très agréable, avec beaucoup de conseils et aucune pression pour acheter.

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Guillermo V. 标记gb 12 个月前
酒窖参观和品尝 (作为一对夫妇)

Beautiful place with a wonderful environment. Amazing service and attention to customer. We highly recommend it!

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Sep V. 标记gb 2 年前
酒窖参观和品尝 (作为一对夫妇)

Heel leuk om te zien/horen hoe de wijn op natuurlijke wijze geproduceerd wordt. We mochten veel proeven.

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Louise P. 标记fr 2 年前

Le lieu du domaine Achillée est incroyable ! La vue sur les vignes est époustouflante, nous avons découvert de nombreux vins naturels, très intéressant. Je recommande


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访问 Domaine Achillée 酒窖,准备好享受片刻的愉悦、发现和交流。 Achillée 庄园位于阿尔萨斯的 Scherwiller,欢迎您参观酒窖和品酒,或坐在我们的沙发区,享用一杯葡萄酒和一盘奶酪和熟食。您将发现这个生物动力葡萄园的历史,并能够品尝并带着这个家族庄园的金块离开。