Château De Chelivette
Château De Chelivette

Château De Chelivette

波尔多 (Bordeaux) 酒厂 Sainte-Eulalie
Just outside Bordeaux, this 70 acres property overlooking the hillside of Ste Eulalie and St Loubes is one of the oldest in Gironde.The castle was built on the foundation from the XIII st century and vines have always been growed up there. It has known a real revival since 2014. With the restructuration of the vineyard and its conversion into organic, all the property is now driven in Biodynamy. .Located on the watershade, not less than five different soils are present. Moreover, the border between the villages of Ste Eulalie and St Loubes crossing the property, two appellations are produced : « Bordeaux Supérieur » and « Côtes de Bordeaux » We can now find seven different grape varieties: merlot, cabernet franc, cabernet sauvignon, malbec, to make reds but also sémillon, sauvignon blanc and sauvignon gris for White. This diversity allows lots of different mixes and the production of many wine batches. For the moment the range offers three Bordeaux Supérieur growed up in tanks, oak barrel or ceramic amphora, some Bordeaux Rosé, Bordeaux Clairet and a sweet white in « Premières Côtes de Bordeaux The new owners willing visitors to discover the architectural and natural atractivity of the domain are members of the organisation « Vignobles et Découverte » and created a visit call « a Vineyard through History » allowing while walking in the vineyard to stop by a Chapel built in 1620, a dovecote from the XVI , a Chappe Telegraph from 1791 but also talk to visitors about Biodynamy. Can then be explained how vines are growed up and Wine produced as naturally as possible and respecting the fruit… Finally, people can also stay over as you can find on site another totally privatised mansion « Château Mathereau » which offers a five stars lodging awarded Best of Wine Tourism 2019 .
使用的葡萄品种 赤霞珠 美乐 长相思 Cabernet Franc 马尔贝克 塞米隆
葡萄酒价格 每瓶€6.00-€18.00
葡萄园与发现 葡萄酒旅游胜地官方奖
Vigneron Indépendant
Vigneron Indépendant
Guide Hachette
Guide Hachette
Destination vignobles
Destination vignobles
葡萄酒旅游奖杯得主葡萄酒之乡 专门从事葡萄酒,葡萄酒旅游和法国生活艺术的媒体

Château de Chelivette, Sainte-Eulalie, France 法国

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  • A Wineyard through History
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