Domaine De Grangeneuve
Domaine De Grangeneuve

Domaine De Grangeneuve

Grangeneuve was founded 50 years ago by my parents, Odette and Henri BOUR. What a long adventurous way since the beginning of the enterprise; my parents are now almost at the age of retirement! It took us decades of hard work to arrive at the point of making our wines known, since the creation of our vineyard in lieu of the local oak forest, within an very unknown AOC, until the day when our wines are found on the menus of very reputable establishments, including many Michelin-starred restaurants. We owe our success to our high level of demand for quality.At Grangeneuve nothing or almost nothing is left to chance, except the weather!

We practice sustainable farming; we work our soil on a regular basis, and we use the least aggressive products for our vines. We harvest at optimal ripeness of the grapes in correlation with the objectives for each vintage and wine variety. We conduct meticulous and precise vinification, to showcase our grapes, the fruits of our terroir. The vinifications are carried out by grape variety and by parcel, adapting to the potential of each vine and to the objectives that we set for each wine. We regularly invest in materials for the cellar and for winemaking in order to progress each year in our search for quality. We are driven by the desire to make quality wines without any concession, and with a deep consideration for our customers.

Henri Bour
使用的葡萄品种 黑色歌海娜 西拉 公务员 维欧尼 白歌海娜 玛珊布兰奇 维门蒂诺
葡萄酒价格 每瓶€8.00-€21.00
葡萄园与发现 葡萄酒旅游胜地官方奖
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Vigneron Indépendant
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Haute Valeur Environnementale
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Guide Hachette
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自 1896 年以来, Domaine de Grange Neuve一直是位于 Pomport 的家族酒庄,距离 Périgord Pourpre 的贝热拉克12 公里。在 70 公顷的农场中,Castaing 家族自 1896 年以来通过生产贝热拉克、贝热拉克和蒙巴兹拉克葡萄酒,一直是佩里戈尔葡萄种植技术的守护者之一。结合传统与现代,他们的口号是欢乐。