Domaine Bayard
Domaine Bayard

Domaine Bayard

西南 (Sud-Ouest) 酒厂 Monein
« Small yields for beautiful wines on these claimed and silty soils characterized by the sloping plots of the winery. »

The ancestrale Domaine Bayard appears in this way, property of four hectares located in Monein, heart of Jurançon vineyard which Rose-Anne and Louis Laborde have revived in the year 2016. With Marien the vineyard manager and oenologist of the winery who is creating the wines of the today’s taste, with the help of modernest resources.

In order to keep freshness and liveness despite global warming, the new plantations have integrated the local and forgotten grape varieties.

The work in sustainable agriculture has allowed to the High Environnentale Value Certification. Indeed, the priority is to preserve an heritage and a terroir which have been abandonned for two decades.

The range of Dry Jurançon (Griffe and Papilles d’Ucha), and sweet (Symbiose, Myriade) is completed by Nebula : a sparkling wine enhanced with the beautiful clay-limestone vein which goes through the winery.

All of these wines will match with each step of your meal at home ! Otherwise you can book our the Cellar Room « Le Chai » and entertain your relatives in a chic and wildy plot . This place will surprise you thank to its moderns architure built with traditionals materials.
使用的葡萄品种 小满生 大满生
葡萄酒价格 每瓶€12.00-€23.00
葡萄园与发现 葡萄酒旅游胜地官方奖
Vigneron Indépendant
Vigneron Indépendant

30 Chemin Pierrette, Monein, France 法国

  • Domaine Bayard
  • Guided visit of the winery and tasting of three wines
  • Wine pairing with local culinary specialities
  • Oenophile & tasty tour
  • 香氛工作坊:工作坊、参观和品尝当地产品
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