Les Frères Moine
Les Frères Moine

Les Frères Moine

科涅克白兰地 (Cognac) 酒厂 Chassors
Francois and Jean-Yves Moine came from a proud family of agricultural workers, and had a long-held dream to distil and develop products from their own family harvests, using knowledge gained over years of experience.

The Frères Moine adventure began in 1980. François and his brother settled in Villeneuve, a town in Chassors, about twenty kilometers north of Cognac. They chose the name “Les Freres Moine” for their new company, and this is now recognised as a well-established institution among the many family estates in the Cognac region. For 25 years, the brothers patiently explored all the wealth of their vineyards in order to produce cognacs, pineau des Charentes and Charentais wines of the very highest quality.

Francois passed on his passion for this work to his 2 sons, Yann-Loïc and Gabriel, who proudly continue the work of their father and uncle at Les Freres Moine - and so the name continues ! Each brother brings his personality and experience to introduce new ideas which sit beautifully alongside the methods, principles and traditions of the previous generation.

The Les Freres Moine estate has 40 hectares of vines: 32 Hectares of Ugni Blanc grape variety intended for the production of cognac and Pineau des Charentes blanc, 4 hectares of Merlot and 2 hectares of Cabernet Sauvignon for the production of Pineau des Charentes rose, and wine. Finally, 2 hectares of Chenin Blanc are cultivated for the production of Les Freres Moine white wine, and a few acres produce Gamay and Colombard grapes.

Yann and Gabriel have kept the family business going, notably with Le Circuit du Chêne, an oenotourism circuit for which Les Frères Moine won the Grand Prix d'Or at the Trophées de l'Œnotourisme 2020 organized by Terre de Vins. In short, another idea of luxury.

Les Frères Moine
1 Rue de la Boucle
16200 Chassors
使用的葡萄品种 乌尼·布兰克 美乐 伦巴德 赤霞珠 阿利坎特·H·布歇特 加迈 Cabernet Franc
葡萄酒价格 每瓶€5.00-€75.00
葡萄酒旅游奖杯得主葡萄酒之乡 专门从事葡萄酒,葡萄酒旅游和法国生活艺术的媒体
Guide Hachette
Guide Hachette

1 Rue de la Boucle, Chassors, Charente, France 法国

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