Domaine Vincey
Domaine Vincey

Domaine Vincey

香槟酒 (Champagne) 酒庄/酿酒师 Oger
The Vincey's family cultivates since 8 generations a 7 Hectares vineyard mostly planted in Grand Crus villages of Oger, le Mesnil s/ Oger and Chouilly, the heart of the prestigious Côte des Blancs terroir.
Since 2009, Quentin Vincey joined his father, and changed the viticulture. Now vines and wines contains no chemistry, to let all the terroir and Chardonnay tastes expresses itself freely.
We use a traditional press in wood, and musts are vinificated with natural yeasts.
Still wines (vins clairs) are aged in oak barrels on lees 12 months, inside the estate chalk cellars. Then Champagnes cuvées will aged on lees, bottles corked, at least 5 years and all the production is stired by hand. We only produce vintages, and when the harvest allowed us to, parcellaires Champagnes as "Le Grand Jardin".
Since 2 years, we are very interesting by the biodynamic principles, so the synergy of the living. We are now using only essential oils and homeopathy against vines ills.
Our very first new cuvées, in organic certification process, will be release exclusively excellar from June 2019.
We also propose 4 others Champagnes elaborated by the local cooporation of Oger, as the family tradition used to be.
We welcome epicurean visitors all year long on appointment only, to share ancient "savoir-faire" and new philosophy throughout a guided tour of the private Domaine Vincey.







Vigneron Indépendant

Vigneron Indépendant


CHAMPAGNE VINCEY, Rue du Mesnil, Blancs-Coteaux, France 法国


  • Domaine Vincey
  • Premium visit and tasting of the biodynamic estate


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