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香槟酒 (Champagne) 酒庄/酿酒师 Reims
The Champagne Mumm was founded in 1827 in Reims by the brothers Jacob, Gottlieb and Philipp Mumm from Cologne, Germany. In 1852, the House takes its final name from one of their descendants, Georges Hermann Mumm, the man who creates in 1875 the famous vintage “Cordon Rouge”.

In 1920, the visionary René Lalou put back on track the mythical parcels and acquires some new lands of “Grands Crus”.

Visit the Mumm House for a unique experience during which you discover his universe.

Explore champagne in all its glory by discovering the ancestral know-how of Maison Mumm, which, combined with an avant-garde spirit since its creation in 1827, continues to renew itself by being demanding, consistent and audacity.



霞多丽 黑比诺 黑比诺



Champagne Mumm, Rue du Champ de Mars, Reims, France 法国


  • Cordon Rouge Visit
  • Grand Cru Experience
  • Vintage Experience


User Avatar
Martin L. 标记gb 21 days ago

Interesting tour, friendly atmosphere and delicous tasting afterwards

User Avatar
Roberto B. 标记gb 1 month ago
Cordon Rouge Visit (作为一对夫妇)

Great experience. The guide was very kind and we learned a lot about the history and the process how champagne is made.

User Avatar
Boudard L. 标记fr 1 month ago
Grand Cru Experience (作为一对夫妇)

Excellente visite et très bonne dégustation

User Avatar
Jerome L. 标记fr 1 month ago

Très bonne visite. La guide est super

User Avatar
Gwereg P. 标记fr 3 months ago
Grand Cru Experience (作为一对夫妇)

super intéressant et impressionnant ! à faire au moins 1 fois !

User Avatar
Ghislaine A. 标记gb 6 months ago
Grand Cru Experience (和家人一起)

We learnt everything about the champagne making process. We tasted two grand crus, excellent. Great experience!

User Avatar
Gaétan P. 标记fr 7 months ago
Grand Cru Experience (作为一对夫妇)

très chouette visite, simple mais précise et bonne dégustation

User Avatar
Adriano C. 标记fr 7 months ago
Vintage Experience (作为一对夫妇)

Visite très vivante Merci au guide plus que compétant

User Avatar
Camille M. 标记fr 11 months ago
Grand Cru Experience (作为一对夫妇)

Expérience inoubliable !

User Avatar
Nicolas V. 标记fr 2 years ago
Vintage Experience (和家人一起)

Super visite, guide très intéressante, parfait pour le public averti comme pour les plus débutants. On a passé un excellent moment.

User Avatar
Martial H. 标记fr 2 years ago
Vintage Experience (作为一对夫妇)

Une visite pédagogique pour apprendre les fondamentaux de l'élaboration du champagne. La spécificité de la maison Mumm est également expliquée. Le guide à également joué sur l'interactivité avec le groupe ce qui rend vivant la découverte.

User Avatar
Frédéric P. 标记fr 2 years ago

Visite très instructive et agréable car pas trop de matraquage marketing.

User Avatar
Quentin S. 标记fr 2 years ago
Cordon Rouge Visit (作为一对夫妇)

Vraiment une belle découverte, c’était super intéressant et bien expliqué, merci encore à la personne qui nous a effectué la visite ! Top du début à la fin en finissant sur une dégustation agréable, je recommande !

User Avatar
Michael W. 标记gb 2 years ago
Cordon Rouge Visit (作为一对夫妇)

The cordon rouge visit was very educational and informative, because of the great tour guide and the well laid out displays. The champagne tasting was good, but we should have paid a little extra to taste more than one of the labels. Would have been better if there was a cafe on site so we could have stayed longer.

User Avatar
Pascale 标记fr 2 years ago
Vintage Experience (作为一对夫妇)

Nous avons beaucoup aimé la visite.notre guide était très compétente et sympathique.

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We invite you to check the availabilities of visits by clicking here.
Is Champagne Mumm opened during weekends? +
Champagne Mumm is opened during weekends. To check in realtime if there are any availabilities for a visit at Champagne Mumm, click here.
Which types of experience are proposed by Champagne Mumm? +
Champagne Mumm only proposes 参观和品尝:
Do I need to book to visit Champagne Mumm? +
In order to ensure your spot and to be welcomed in the best conditions, it is preferable to book before going there. You can book for free up to 24 hour(s) before by clicking here.
What are the cancellation conditions for Champagne Mumm? +
You can cancel your booking free of charge up to 72 hour(s) before the start of your experience. After this deadline, we invite you to contact us so that our teams can help.
Does Champagne Mumm propose experiences for groups? +
The maximum reception capacity of Champagne Mumm is 4 person(s). To find out more and book, click here. You can also make a specific request if your group is larger by clicking here
What's the price of a visit at Champagne Mumm? +
The price of Champagne Mumm experiences varies between €26.00 and €45.00. To find out more and book a 参观和品尝, click here
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进入 25 公里酒窖的中心,那里储存着大约 2500 万瓶酒!参观 Maison Mumm 从一部电影开始,了解庄园及其特级酒的历史。然后,您将发现画廊和保存完好的旧发酵室。您将在一个专门展示工具的博物馆中了解制作香槟气泡的秘诀和香槟工艺,这在同类中是独一无二的。根据选择的访问,品尝一杯著名的 Cordon Rouge、2013 年份葡萄酒或来自 Grands Crus 的两种优质特酿(RSVR Blanc de Blancs 和 Blanc de Noirs)。


著名的 Cordon Rouge Mumm 提供浓郁的香气和清新的口感,而桃红葡萄酒则带有红色水果和黑色浆果的味道。在过去的几年里,Mumm 品牌开发了一系列专业特酿,其中包括 Mumm de Cramant,一款果味、精致且充满精致的白葡萄酒;Mumm de Verzenay,一款葡萄酒、丰富且美味的白葡萄酒。人们还发现了 Brut Sélection,这是一种由 Mumm 家族的特级葡萄藤制成的特酿。 R. Lalou cuvée 呈现出细腻、融化和非凡的圆润感。

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