Tenuta La Marchesa
Tenuta La Marchesa

Tenuta La Marchesa

皮埃蒙特 (Piémont) 酒厂 Novi Ligure
Located in a building in front of the historic house, the Marchesa wine cellar in Gavi, is harmoniously integrated into the the villa, using on the facade some of the architectural elements that characterize the monumental construction.
The pressing takes place with the Bucher, machines for soft pressing through a rubber lung that swells slowly, avoiding the breaking of aromatic molecules always very delicate.
In white wines, after pressing by simple decantation with a drop in temperature, the must is separated, which is vinified with selected yeasts of the territory, in steel at no more than 18 degrees, so as to preserve the aromatic terpenes which, by their nature, are very volatile and would be removed with carbon dioxide molecules in case of fermentation at normal temperature.
A central refrigeration system ensures constant temperature. At the end of the fermentation, a 2-month refinement for the white label Gavi, 6 months for the Gold quality, ensures the perfect balance of the wine.Before bottling, done under vacuum, cold stabilization guarantees the wine from further precipitation.
In red wines, after harvesting the grapes, they are taken for 24 hours at low temperature to extract the aromas, then fermented by blowing in oxygen at each reassembly, so as to soften the tannins present.A long refinement of at least one year in steel ensures the perfect quality of the wine.
The red wines of the Marchesa are soft wines with great structure and intense fruity aromas. They are perfect also as summer wines.



科尔特斯语 美乐 巴贝拉



Via Gavi, 87, Novi Ligure, AL, Italia 意大利


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