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卢瓦尔河谷 (Val de Loire) 酒庄/酿酒师 Pougny
1996 年,我们在法国 Nièvre 省的 Pougny 定居,致力于尊重卢瓦尔河谷葡萄园传统的葡萄种植和葡萄酒制作。我们从家庭农场的祖父手中接过了 0.3 公顷的葡萄藤。我们占地 17 公顷的庄园位于 Pouilly Fumé 和 Coteaux du Giennois 产区。
1996 年,我们在法国 Nièvre 省的 Pougny 定居,致力于尊重卢瓦尔河谷葡萄园传统的葡萄种植和葡萄酒制作。我们从家庭农场的祖父手中接过了 0.3 公顷的葡萄藤。
我们占地 17 公顷的庄园位于 Pouilly Fumé 和 Coteaux du Giennois 产区。自2019年以来的“农业生物学”。
为了展现我们 14 种葡萄酒的真正潜力:我们探索风土的每一种表现方式:这就是我们的庄园如何定期提供新的葡萄酒,创造真正的香气系列。



长相思 黑比诺 加迈 霞多丽






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17 Rue de Cosne, Pougny, France 法国


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Frequently asked questions

Is Domaine Langlois opened today? +
We invite you to check the availabilities of visits by clicking here.
Is Domaine Langlois opened during weekends? +
Domaine Langlois is opened during weekends. To check in realtime if there are any availabilities for a visit at Domaine Langlois, click here.
Which types of experience are proposed by Domaine Langlois? +
Domaine Langlois only proposes 参观和品尝:
Do I need to book to visit Domaine Langlois? +
In order to ensure your spot and to be welcomed in the best conditions, it is preferable to book before going there. You can book for free up to 1 hour(s) before by clicking here.
What are the cancellation conditions for Domaine Langlois? +
You can cancel your booking free of charge up to 2 hour(s) before the start of your experience. After this deadline, we invite you to contact us so that our teams can help.
Does Domaine Langlois propose experiences for groups? +
The maximum reception capacity of Domaine Langlois is 6 person(s). To find out more and book, click here. You can also make a specific request if your group is larger by clicking here
What's the price of a visit at Domaine Langlois? +
The price of Domaine Langlois experiences is €6.00. To find out more and book a 参观和品尝, click here
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