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西西里岛 酒庄/酿酒师
Azienda Agricola Maltese who for six generations with passion and dedication to work in the cultivation of the vine, is located in the western part of Sicily where the horizon is observed rolling hills and endless plains that come in a warm sea.
The sun, the sea, the earth and the wind remain etched in the minds of anyone who is visiting this Earth.
A place with thousands of years of history behind it, expressed his deep Mediterranean beauty.
Its origins date back to about 1800, when a small family owned a few acres, conducted by the grandmother Cardeddra (nickname given to the family Maltese, which means "wild grass" that the lady loved to clean between the rows), which by the way of duty and sacrifice, overcoming the difficulties and prejudices of the time being a woman, was able to carry on the small business that will be sold over the years to his 14 children.
Today, with the continuation of the generations is a solid farm that keeps a family, a 'qualitative shrewd idea that seeks to give in to each production.



马斯喀特·布兰克(Muscat Blanc) 亚历山大的马斯喀特 尼禄·达沃拉 印佐利亚 内罗·马斯卡斯(Nerello Mascalese) Frappato 卡塔拉托 格雷卡尼科 格里洛 日比波



Contrada Tabaccaro, Marsala, TP, Italia 意大利


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