Tenuta Di Castellaro
Tenuta Di Castellaro

Tenuta Di Castellaro

西西里岛 酒厂 Quattropani
History tells us that Noah’s first act of reconciliation with
the land after leaving the Ark at the end of the Great
Flood was to plant a vineyard; a symbolic gesture, marking
a marriage with the land, sealing a bond which was to give
fruit: grapes and wine.
The Tenuta di Castellaro winery is the achievement of
an ambitious project, where passion and a dream come
together in a perfect combination, creating unrivalled
excellence. The ancient vine, grown organically in 20
hectares of vineyard, yields precious fruit, the basis for
sought-after blends with a unique flavour, the pure
expression of the volcanic soils of Lipari and Etna, pristine
locations that have embraced us with their harsh natural
Tenuta di Castellaro is a monument to landscape, art,
architecture and technology, which entirely keeps faith with
nature and traditions:
• The barrique cellar completely underground and
built in vernacular style, recounts different geological areas
through its arches and pillars: 22,000 years of history create
a magical environment where our wine ages in its oaken
• The windcatcher tower used by ancient populations
since the X Century BC, has been built with state-of-theart technologies: it comprises a chimney and a cooling
labyrinth, which create a natural air-conditioning system;
• The landscape recalls to mind fragrances and flavours
which generate unforgettable sensations;
• The sun which at sunset plunges into the sea between
Alicudi, Filicudi and Salina, provides the most romantic
vision of what nature can offer.
使用的葡萄品种 科林托·尼罗(Corinto Nero) 马尔瓦西亚 卡里坎特 尼禄·达沃拉 莫斯卡托
葡萄酒价格 每瓶€19.00-€1,000.00
纯素酒 该房东提供素食产品

Quattropani, Lipari ME, Italia 意大利

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  • 卡斯特拉罗体验:参观和品尝
  • Lunch at the estate
  • Sunset tasting
  • 葡萄酒和Caolino:野餐篮
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